Our Approach

The RHP is here to assist people in our community to be able to locate the resources necessary  for making a successful change in their life.  We start this process by meeting our clients where they are in their life.  We connect them to resources that can assist them with their recovery or their reentry.  We offer therapy, counseling, assessments, groups and assistance in connecting with housing and employment.  Clients can utilize Recovery Support Services, Mental Health Outpatient Services or, Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services to assist them make a positive change.

Our Story

The RHP was founded on the ideal, that everyone needs hope.  Hope gives us the motivation to make changes that are vital to have a life worth living.  Our thought was to work with those that need it most in our community, the members of our community that are in recovery and reentry.  We believe that no one is beyond helping.  We carefully work with our clients to rebuild their sense of worth and self esteem.  In the end we want them to know they are worthy of all good things in life and we are here to help them get there.

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Meet the RHP Team

Our team not only understands recovery and reentry but we also have a history of working in case management, assessment, and counseling

David Stoecker

David Stoecker




Stoecker turned 21 in prison and spent his young adult years haunted by memories of childhood abuse (emotional, physical and sexual). His descent into addiction would include multiple near-fatal drug overdoses, suicide attempts and homelessness before life took a striking turn.

“A foxhole prayer while I was an agnostic started me on the road to recovery,” Stoecker says. Growing in faith, he shifted all his energies to recovery instead of substance abuse – working the 12 steps, focusing on successes, and giving back to his community.

Today the former high school dropout has four college degrees, a family he cherishes and a passion for purposeful work. Stoecker is a leader in Missouri’s recovery movement and founder of the non-profit Better Life in Recovery, which provides community volunteer opportunities for people in recovery and sponsors advocacy and sober social events.

Day Jobs:
Vice Chair, Missouri State Advisory Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Advocacy and Education Outreach Coordinator for the Missouri Recovery Network; Director of the non-profit Better Life in Recovery.

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Dean Miller

Founder & Director

Dean Miller worked as a police officer for many years and ended his law enforcement career as a Chief of Police.  After leaving law enforcement, He felt the pull to further his education thinking that he would use it to become a professor for Criminal Justice.  While in school getting his Masters in Criminology, Dean felt that he missed the most important calling in Criminal Justice.  Dean felt as though he had just been a law enforcement officer, not a crime reducer.  He felt as though he should have been helping people stay out of trouble with just as much vigor as he spent enforcing laws.  It was from that discovery that he felt the need to help those in need that he knew the best.  With that Dean founded the RHP to assist those suffering and in need of assistance with recovery, reentry and mental health issues.    Dean graduated Missouri Southern State University with Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice Administration.  He graduated from Texas Christian University with his Masters of Science in Criminology.  He received his Masters in Social Work from Louisiana State University

We are here to help our clients hold on to hope

"Man can live about forty days without food,
about three days without water,
about eight minutes without air,
but only for one second without hope"