AG Visit

We were excited to welcome Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt for a visit to our facilities.  We were able to sit down with him and discuss our programs and different ideas on how reentry and recovery can be done better in our community.  We are fortunate to have an Attorney General that is willing to sit down and hear the concerns of the agencies in our state.


The RHP is here to help ex-offenders discover who they are.  We work with clients to assist them in preparing themselves for life after incarceration.  Clients are encouraged to communicate their needs and goals.  The RHP partners with the clients to help them achieve their goals of a successful re-entry process.


The RHP is not only a resource for assistance, but we also can point our clients in the directions they need to go.  We not only will assist with finding suitable employment, but locating resources such as housing prospects that will not hold a conviction against you.  We can connect to other resources from food, to clothing, we are here to help you.


The RHP can assist our clients in identifying their most immediate needs.  We can assist with assisting them in maintaining their mental health and work with them in their recovery. We also assist them with preparing everything from a resume to getting them ready for an interview.  We are here to advocate for our clients so they can have a chance for the life they want, not one that they have to settle for.

Finding Success in Re-entry

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The RHP was formed to be able to address the needs of ex-offenders that are struggling in their reentry process. The idea being that, the RHP can provide assistance in the form of counseling, therapy, employment assistance and sober housing. We also partner with our clients to be able to connect them to services within the community that can make their reentry successful. From teaching life skills, counseling and help with job services. We are here to advocate for our clients to be able to have bright new future. Hope!

The Mission of RHP

This organization was founded on the premise that one of the most basic truths is that everyone must have hope.  Without hope, there is not much to living.  Everyone makes a mistake.  It does not mean that the mistake should ruin a person's life or take away their hope for a future.  The idea for the Restoration of Hope Project, came about when it become painfully obvious that there is a large segment of the population in Springfield (really in the nation) that have needs.  This population is growing at an alarming rate.  Ex-offenders have hopes and dreams just like everyone else.  This organization is here to assist ex-offenders hang on to their hope and find a successful future.  This thought is our motivation to assist our clients in finding jobs, helping them connect to resources, teach life skills, to counsel them, and to be an advocate for their future.   The RHP is here to break the cycle of recidivism, and to work towards a successful re-entry into society.  The RHP is a IRS 501 (c)(3) listed organization,and certified with the Missouri Department of Mental Health.

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