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The RHP offers counseling and therapy for clients that are dealing with everything from recovery from Substance Use Disorder, Mental Health issues, and the Reentry process.  Our Counselor's work closely to provide a client directed evidence based program.  Client's work together with our Counselors to form a partnership in developing the skills to find success in their life.

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The RHP provides groups to for our clients to be able to work in a environment in which they are able to get the social supports and insight to allow them to make progress with their goals.  From specific classes designed to assist clients with things like Life Skills, Relapse Prevention Strategies and Recovery Support, the RHP is here to make sure that everyone can self direct their treatment.

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The RHP is here to help clients be able to connect to the resources they need to help them on their journey.  We are able to connect our clients to things like medical providers, mental health professionals, sober living homes and other social resources.  Whether it be for Recovery, Reentry or Mental Health, the RHP believes in the three E's of recovery and reentry: Employment, Education, and Environment.

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What the RHP can do for you

We are here to work for you and advocate for you, the client.  We will partner with you and take each and every step with you.  The process of re-entry can feel impossible.  The RHP is here to help you find success in any of these areas that you need help from employment, housing, education, recovery, community support, mental health and family.  We want to help you find HOPE!

Why would you go at this alone?

You don't have to do this alone.  There are people that care about what you are going through.  We simply want to help you.

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What you should do right now!

Just click the button on the right and you will begin your partnership with us.  You will have an advocate to help you with this process.